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Iphone 13 is worth buying? watch this out!


This is the year of the four iPhones: 13 mini, 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. But what does this version offer us compared to the one without the 'Pro' name, and is it worth it? Throughout this complete review, I will reveal the keys to this iPhone that have a lot to tell.


 iPhone 13 design 

The design of the iPhone 13 is one of the most notable new features of this range. With straight edges, the company aims to return to creating some of the ranges that most popularized the iPhone, such as those from 4 to 5S.

The back of the iPhone 13 is marked by the matte glass, which makes both the aesthetics and the feel unique from the rest of the terminals on the market.

This iPhone also offers IP68 certification, so we can submerge it for half an hour up to six meters deep and has dust resistance.


The panel that incorporates the iPhone is one of the most advanced on the market. It is OLED technology. This allows users to enjoy completely black, getting to turn off the pixels when playing this color.

I miss the arrival of ProMotion, which would have made classic actions such as surfing the web much more fluid.


Apple has made a breakthrough in terms of battery capacity. You can go a day and a half, almost two using the iPhone until the battery is discharged.

This indicates that the degradation by wireless charging is less than what we usually have by cable.


The camera of the iPhone 13 is composed of three lenses and a LiDAR sensor.

It also has dual stabilization to make videos with cinematic effects.

-In the primary sensor, wide-angle, we can see an increase in brightness and an improvement in the processing of whites

-The ultra-wide-angle sensor has minimal distortion. The sensor brightness, however, is the same as the previous generation.

-The "zoom sensor" is brighter even though it has just two magnifications. Particularly this one, it does not seem to be a decisive factor in favor of one or the other.

In short, it has become a more efficient design of the device while retaining its minimalist beauty and incorporating the best cutting-edge technology, providing one of the best mobile phone experiences on the market.

It is honestly worth the price.

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