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Kinemaster premium Hack Download Free 2021 [ ios/android]


Kinemaster premium hack is an app available on Android and iOS which lets you record your videos with picture-in-picture (PIP) capability. The content of the PIP window can be recorded using KineMaster's internal camera or another device connected to the mobile phone via USB OTG or WiFi that supports video recording. Get New Kinemaster premium hack iOS 14+ Update version 2021.


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The supported formats of Kinemaster premium hack:

Video - MP4, MOV, 3GP(Android only), AVI, WMV(Windows only), etc...

Audio - AAC, MP3, WAV(AAC & WAV are Android only)

Kinemaster premium Hack Download for iOS, Android


Because Kinemaster premium hack has powerful, accessible functions, the apps in the official store are no longer competitive. Therefore, Apple's official store does not allow such  games to go on the shelves. However, there are always a group of influential people who have done this so that most game players can download and use more game functions for free.



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Kinemaster Premium hack Hack ios app

Why is Kinemaster premium hack so good? Firstly it's free, secondly? Why Kinemaster Premium so good. No ads anymore, full features for you.


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Download Kinemaster Premium hack ios by using iosGods without jailbreking 

 You are unlocked to import no-limited videos or movies into the editing list.

Add/ remove/ scale the background music & exciting sound effects whenever you want.

Import unlimited photos(Live Photos) from the album into a video editing timeline freely without waiting.

Customize the effect of each clip by the "Effect" bar fully without any limited or complicated settings.

Import unlimited video clips into the timeline, trim/ re-order/ delete unnecessary clips freely whenever you want without waiting time.

Kinemaster Premium hack mod apk app

The premium version of KineMaster does not have a watermark.You can remove the watermark on trial apps by purchasing them. But it doesn't apply to non-trial apps like KineMaster.

Download Kinemaster Premium hack apk by using iosGods

Kinemaster premium hack is a risk-free application you can rely on it and you'll never ever encounter any damage issue in it. And Kinemaster premium hack Apk never ever need any upgrade to do or any kind of extra demands.

How to add music to Kinemaster Premium hack?

There are many ways you can add music to Kinemaster videos. These might be files on your phone or files downloaded from the internet. If there is already a file on your phone that you would like to use as background music, you only have to follow these steps:

Open the Kinemaster app and create a video of your choice depending on how long the song is going to be

After creating the video, press the edit button in the top corner

Press the music button, which looks like a musical note inside a circle

In the new screen, select music library, or you can select one of your downloaded songs

After selecting, the video will automatically go into play mode. That's it.



In the end, maybe someone be curious How Kinemaster Pro Functions? Kinemaster Pro uses two main key features: the Ken Burns tool and Motion Points. The Ken Burns tool is an image stabilization technology used on videos with panning movement by using linear interpolation.

The power of Motion Points lies within its flexibility; almost every single part of the video editing process has this feature enabled onto it. Let's say you want the upper part of your video to be more zoomed in compared to its lower portion; Motion Point allows you to do that. You can also change the speed of your clip on a specific area which is called Time Stretch. This provides creative possibilities by making events within the scene happen at different speeds than they did. All these creative editing options rely on "Motion Points," so don't forget about it.

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